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On Modesty

Hundreds of people are going at it hammer and tongs about what women should wear. They are very concerned about modesty, and obedience to authority.

Surprisingly, they are not in Saudi Arabia, or scriptwriters for Mad Men.

They are educators exclaiming the inescapable virtues of the polo shirt. In Australia. In 2015.

You’d think that adults who can be trusted with other people’s children might also be considered capable of working out what to wear without help. But apparently, you would be wrong.

I confess to being a tiny bit shocked that the word ‘modesty’ is getting such a run. Whatever else we are teaching as preparation to work in ECE, it is clearly not Feminism 101.


One comment on “On Modesty

  1. Lucy Shepherd
    May 26, 2015

    I agree totally! Apart from the fact that wearing a uniform takes away all sense of individuality from the educator, which makes it even less likely that children will bond with you, you’re just another educator. Also, I find polos very hot and sweaty; last summer I nearly collapsed in the heat and was unable to work in the outdoor area. I agree that educators should be given the respect that they can select appropriate workwear without being dictated to; it’s political correctness gone mad.

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