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The Reward of Awards

Australian Family has just announced this year’s winners of the ‘Early Education and Care Awards’.

Doesn’t this raise some serious questions?

Who gets to determine that these particular people did a more remarkable job than the others? And more importantly, how was and could this possibly be measured?

Shouldn’t the prize money for professional training rather be used to support those who most need it?

What is the intention behind this star chart competition and why do educators, who under the EYLF are encouraged to engage in reflective practice, participate?

Would we consider a ‘Child of the Year Award’ ceremony at our service? Why not? Where is the difference?

Should our motivation to do the best job we possibly can not be intrinsic and rewarding as such? Isn’t excellence in education a team effort which involves all?

Rewards damage relationships and create competition amongst peers. If we want to work towards a better education system we must do the exact opposite. Apart from being critical and reflective, we must collaborate and assist each other instead of competing over who may be the perceived best.

“Very few things are as dangerous as a bunch of incentive-driven individuals trying to play it safe.”

–       Alfie Kohn

Punished by Rewards, The trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, As, Praise and other Bribes

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Black-Eyed Bonnie is a guest EYLF Pirate aboard the Anarchy. Bonnie tells us she first encountered this heinous practice in the Outer Hebrides, and was peeved to find it also gaining traction in our great southern land. Welcome aboard Bonnie.


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