Anarchy & the EYLF Pirates

Refuse. Resist. Rebuild.

Evidence Shmevidence…


Evidence Shmevidence…

What happened to documenting and teaching and writing and engaging with children purely because it’s your job as a teacher and educator of children?

When did it become about “evidence”?

Fuck the evidence.

Teach. Do it well.

Do it for the children you have the responsibility to teach.

Don’t do it because it arms you with evidence to achieve a particular rating passed down by an individual you don’t know personally, who spends but a moment at your service.

Teach, because it’s your fucking job.

Fuck the consultants who tell you that you need evidence.

And fuck the shitty Assessors too.

Just Teach.

© 2014 Jeanne de Clisson

Anarchy & the EYLF Pirates 

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11 comments on “Evidence Shmevidence…

  1. Motria von Schreiber
    May 30, 2014

    When the program is dynamic and evolves through the voices of the children, then well-organised documentation is the evidence – something we can look back upon to see the continual threads of learning and development. I don’t appreciate the vulgar language here and the aggressive tone. And I happen to know some very good people who earn their living as consultants or assessors. We are supposed to teach kindness and empathy, remember?

    • In theory, yes Motria. In reality, that is not what I see occurring.

      The beauty of being a pirate, is the opportunity to embrace my anger and use what you term vulgar language. As a pirate I get to be real and blunt and honest and express myself as I feel. It’s why we chose Pirates as our archetypes. And I was pretty angry when I wrote this piece.

  2. Linda
    May 31, 2014

    Well said!

  3. M
    May 31, 2014

    Wow angry, did you just have an assessment and rating visit and got the draft report back?

    Yep, why are we obsessed with an old hag assessor that once was a licencing officer who hasn’t worked with children for the last 20 years. And worse still had their 4 day NQS and EYLF training course. Still looing for links in an old DAP way looking for learning based on equipment, doesn’t understand relationships and is so literal makes children with autism look like the most lateral thinkers in the world (I apologise to ASD)

    Or again was it the young failed assessor, let me name just a few….. You know who you are, yep got your degree but failed as a director, frustrated you couldn’t gain the respect of your educators so you applied for the assessment and rating job…. You of course know exactly what we do with children…. you were such a success in the centre you had to leave.

    NQS and the EYLF on paper is great, the assessment process is really really bad, but then again it was easy to target childcare centres, all small, all individual, wouldn’t stand up, rushed labour policies because Kev and Julia had a vision one night, Imagine the outrage if this occurred in a school, NSW school teachers, are still rejecting the National Curriculum in sections and winning.

    School teaches taking a stand and saying no, and winning. Just shows you how professional we all are in childcare, no one really listening, no one really caring. We just baby sit and change nappies.

    I like how you are so angry, if only more people were like you our future would look brighter.

    • M, my anger in part, at least for this article, stems from the social networking medium of Facebook. My inspiration is the groups and pages, the posts and words of educators and consultants themselves. I have also taken some guidance from my own experience with Assessors, as well as the experiences of my close colleagues.

      I see you have some personal experience with the unscrupulous consultants who are taking advantage of educators. It’s amazing what goes on behind the scenes isn’t it?

      I am certainly angry. Frustrated. Furious at times.

      It’s been 2 years since the NQS was rolled out and people seem to be as lost as ever, if not more so. It is a complex issue that does not have one or two factors to blame.

      And I agree. We need to stand up and speak out.

      – Jeanne

  4. Pam Lancaster
    May 31, 2014

    I agree – am sicf hearing that we need to ‘sell ourselves’when the assessors come – my response – I’m not a whore.


    • VERY good point Pam! I wish I’d thought of that one 😉 – but yes, why should we have to work so hard to sell ourselves? What is going on with the system if we must jump through hoops or to continue with your analogy: dance on a pole to sell ourselves? – Jeanne

  5. Amanda Smith
    June 1, 2014

    Thank you for the refreshing response, I feel the same – there is too much focus on ‘evidence’ and not on just teaching like we should be!!!

    • You’re welcome Amanda. Evidence is the new buzz word thrown about in the realm of Facebook … Sometimes its about providing quality education and care for children, but more often than not, its about making an assessor happy or an unscrupulous consultant wealthy. – Jeanne

  6. Anon
    January 30, 2015

    As a ‘shitty assessor’ with over 16 years experience of early childhood teaching, I assure you we abhor documentation and evidence gathering that has no purpose. We look for quality interactions, stimulating environments and passionate educators. We are loking at how you teach children and follow their interests and engagements. And I am just as passionate about Early education and care as any of your ‘pirates’.

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