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We Must Capture Their Voices!

Jeanne 30 03 14

We are told

We must capture the voices.

We are told that

 We must capture them all.

We are told that

We need the voices.

The voices,

Their voices.

The children’s voices.


We are told

To document them,

Write them down and

Make them ours.


We are told

Store them and label them and use them.

Use them for the service’s philosophy.

Use them for the program, the curriculum.

The journals, the portfolios.

Use them for the reflections.

Use them.

Consume them.

Make them ours.

The voices.

The voices are the key to exceeding.


So.  I do as we are told.

I wait for them to speak.

I follow them.

I ask a question, any question.

For them to answer.

So I can take their voices.


I gather their voices up.

I take them down.

Paper in my lap,

Pencil poised in my fingers.

I take them.

The magical little voices

I am told

I must capture.


To capture the voices.

To capture. Entrap.

Take by force.

Take prisoner.

To gain control.

To possess. To hold.

Write them down.

Seize and apprehend.

And hold in the confines of my paper.

The lines acting as iron bars.

Holding the voices tightly.

The voices are now my prisoners.


They are no longer the children’s.

They now belong

To me.

To the service.

To the program.

To the journals.

To the portfolios.

To the reflections.

To the curriculum.

All captured.

No longer theirs.

The voices,

Their voices,

Are mine to use.

As we are told.


© Jeanne de Clisson 2014 Anarchy & the EYLF Pirates

All Rights Reserved.


3 comments on “We Must Capture Their Voices!

  1. Natashja Treveton
    March 31, 2014

    Why do I feel the need to laugh out loud…..

    • Because if you don’t Natashja, you might find yourself rocking in a corner slowly clutching the voices to your chest mumbling something or other about Precious?

  2. Jill
    June 1, 2014

    I share your thoughts and perceptions. I fight my own battles to stay sane in an industry that has become heartless to the welfare of children in their battle to justify the documentation and their perception of quality. You truly have the guts. I will be an avid follower of your forum. xxx well done

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