Anarchy & the EYLF Pirates

Refuse. Resist. Rebuild.

What did you do on the weekend?

Did you spend it working on Transition Statements?

Were you trying to work out how to capture what you know about a child in 200 words? Were you tied up in knots trying to work out how to express things that could sound negative without making them sound negative?  Were you trying to decide where identity ends and community begins?  Or whether to write about fears under identity or wellbeing?  Were you trying to capture the essence of this child, and wondering how on earth this is supposed to be possible?  Did you go blank trying to think of the right word?

Did you wonder if you are being fair to the child?

Were you wondering if the parents will accept what you wrote? Were you photocopying and collating? Were you checking to see which parents had returned their section or signed the right bit?  Were you looking up primary schools, trying to work out if they meant ‘south-west primary school’ or ‘north-west primary school’ when they wrote down the non-existent ‘west primary school’.  Were you trying to find those A5 envelopes you had somewhere?

Were you doing extra hours of work you are not being paid for? Did you wonder if the primary school will even read it?

Did you wonder if you are being fair to yourself?

I don’t think I have heard of anyone who can get this task done in their normal working hours.  Most are doing it in their own time.  And if you do it well, it is really, really hard.

Size up a whole person, in 200 word grabs.  Tell us all about their identity, and community and sense of wellbeing, and approach to learning, and ability to communicate.  No worries.  Piece of cake.  Knock them over in a jiff.



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